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Everything You Think You Know About Marketing
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Can Be Used For:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Computer Repair
  • Roofing
  • House Painting
  • Tree Trimming
  • Window Cleaning
  • Home Remodel
  • Deck Recoating
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Landscaping
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Laundry
  • Pet Grooming
  • Tutoring
  • Auto Repair
The List Goes On...

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Designed With The Help Of One Of The Most Successful T.V. Infomercial Marketers Of All Time! His Advertising Methods Have Made Millions of Dollars For His Clients!
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Daredevil Advertising
To Residential & Commercial Clients.
Crippling To Your Competition!
Can Be Used With Any Type Service
Business & Attracts High End Clients.
Bigger Job’s = A Bigger Pay Day!
Build A Large – Profitable
By Referral Only Service Business
In The Quickest Amount Of Time.
New Customers Calling You In As
Little As 1 Week! 
Easy To Customize To Fit Your
Business – Simple Plug “n” Play
Instructions – Inexpensive To Use.
No More Expensive Newspaper
Ad’s, Phone Book Ad’s Or
Bankrupting Internet Pay Per Clicks.
Comes With A Solid-No Nonsense 1 Year

Recent Testimonial ~ All Testimonials Verifiable

Dear Sir,

You made my life much easier and I know your flyer works great.

I did exactly what you have instructed in your directions.

1) Picked the area to send the flyer.
2) Mailed 319 letters.
3) Took the phone calls.

I received 32 jobs and busy like crazy!

Sir, I was paying $6,000 per month for advertisement before and never received as many calls as I am receiving now. 
Your system is simple to use and inexpensive to use.

Don’t understand how it works – it just does.  Well worth the money in my opinion!

If anyone doubts my results please email me.

Max Hubaishi
Green Cleaning Technologies

You Get 5 Free - Field Tested - Simple Strategies
That Will Add A Massive Punch
To The Already Highly Successful
"Magic Yellow Flyer System”.

You Get The Ultimate Solution To Getting High-Paying
Customers, Automatically Calling You
Week After Week...In Spite Of The Current Recession!

Watch Your Sales Soar Out Of Control Using Covert
Tools The “Top Dogs” Are Using But For Pennies!

The 'Other Guys' Are Just Missing That Special X Factor.

Now, I'm sure they are good people who offer some good ideas.
But I promise you, no one else has this exact system I am offering to you.
I had a chance to learn from the most brilliant and successful infomercial
marketer of all time and be taught his daredevil marketing tactics.
I had a chance to pick his brain and tap into his wealth of covert knowledge.
How many individuals do you know right now who can share that with you?

The other guys "systems" can be way too complicated and end up becoming an
expensive marketing nightmare…and it doesn’t take long to realize that simply
“getting your name out there” doesn’t pay the bills. Even the large corporations
will go broke and close down with no profit.

You don’t have to be a multimillionaire to benefit from the Magic Yellow Flyer
Marketing System. It will work for you whether you’re a small blue collar service
business or an already established small business with a large
office and a large work crew. The strategies remain the same.

The real secret lies in doing what the top earners in your industry are doing and
leave behind the behavior of the masses – behaviors that keep the masses
trapped in a marketing money pit and can’t seem to find their way out.
It’s called drowning and eventually closing down forever.

It’s a known fact and look-it-up if you wish to verify: About 90% of all small
businesses never make more than $50,000 per year. So…that means 90% of all
small businesses don’t know what they’re doing – right?
Who the heck are they listening too?

Why am I willing to share everything I’ve learned with you? It’s simply this:
Even though we’ve never met; we share a common bond; in that our country’s
economy needs people like you to succeed and make a fortune!
When you make alot money, you’ll save and you’ll spend, thereby, helping your
local town economy. And when the entrepreneurial mindset does this together
we prosper and add value to our lives our state and our country!

I’m so passionate about marketing I am determined to help small business owners
transform the way they advertise and help you avoid the destructive mistakes
that will cost you a small fortune when that money could be deposited into your
bank account instead. It’s time for a new era where it’s not just the corporate
rich or some fat cat fiendishly trying to keep this out of your hands.

If you’re still on the fence about me and what I have to offer just click on
testimonials and read what other small business owners have to say.
All testimonials are verifiable upon request. They are all real people like you
who invested in and have already used my Magic Yellow Flyer Marketing System.
The Magic Yellow Flyer is truly complete, so you can concentrate on what you
want to do; make a ton of money by servicing clients!

The 5 strategies below that I’m giving you at no charge, will add a massive punch
to the already highly successful Magic Yellow Flyer.

It’s critical, that you are aware of 1 thing; when you start sending out these
flyers, you may start getting a steady flow of new customer phone calls and
jobs; the results can catch you off guard; and if you’re not prepared for that yet,
you should not get this until you’re ready to take on more business.

Having too many customers is even worse than having too little and if you can’t
service your new clients efficiently, you’ll start getting a bad reputation…so
, do yourself and your clients a big favor; take on only as much work as you
can handle. When you start getting a full schedule, you can then hire someone
part time and then eventually full time. Just take it 1 step at time - you’ll be fine.
As the great Jack Welch said: “this ain’t rocket science”

Yes, You Can Have A “By Referral Only” Service Business.

Some people have said to me hey…this is just a flyer…a piece of paper, how’s it
gonna work like that? My response to that question is something we’ve all heard
before and it makes so much sense it bears repeating.

A $5 dollar bill is printed on a piece of paper and a $100 dollar bill is printed on
a piece of paper. Which piece of paper has a more powerful message?
Which piece of paper packs the biggest punch? Which piece of paper draws in
the most people? Are you starting to get it now? If you are; then you’re starting
to understand what marketing is but… it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m very passionate about marketing and it makes me feel like a million bucks
when I know I’ve helped you become one of the “top dogs” in your industry- in
your state and in your county? I remember when I had to fight for the scraps
and it downright stinks! Believe me when I tell you – you deserve better.

Free Strategy #1 (true value unknown)

The Neighborhood Referral Flyer

After you do a great job at your client’s home or office, you need to send a special
flyer to their neighbors on the exact same street. The referral flyer you get is
designed to build instant trust. All you do is type in your client’s words of
recommendation, make 20 – 30 copies and send them to the houses on your
client’s street, or hand them out the next day. This is how you will begin to build
a huge/solid client base of cash paying clients.

It takes about 5 minutes to hand them out.
Even if you only get 1 job, isn’t it worth 5 minutes?

I will include the exact same flyer that my existing clients successfully use,
with simple instructions.

Free Strategy #2 (true value unknown)

The Thank You Post Card

So you may think, what’s so special about a post card?
This one is a stunning attention getter.
It gets a quick panic reaction from people.
And that’s an understatement. (lol)
I’ve had clients call me and razz me about that crazy postcard!
Hey; that’s okay too. I got jobs from those calls.
It too, is designed to get more business and referrals.

I'll include the front and back of the thank you post card free with your order.
All you do is customize it, bring it to your local print shop and have some made.
Send them to your new clients about 1 week after the completion of your job.

Free Stategy #3 (true value unknown)

The Customer “Lock In” Secret Sentence.

There is a man who got into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Most of you know his name. He is considered The World’s Greatest Salesman.

He sold the most automobiles in his 15 year career than any other human being in history! So then; what does that have to do with your service businesses?

Well the answer is simply this: There was a 1 sentence question, he asked every one of his clients after he completed the sale. He claims this one sentence, cemented himself, in that clients mind for life.

I still use this sentence with many of my new business clients.
Somehow it works and I still can’t figure out how…but why argue with the world’s greatest salesman – a “true to the bone” guru. I’ll advise you exactly what that sentence is and more importantly when and how to say it.

Free Strategy #4 (value up to $10,000 per month depending on use)

Get Your Own Personal Salesman Bringing You “Ready To Go” Clients.

I happened to see this little strategy being used by Real Estate agents in my state
and I thought hey; what if I got a similar sales system and used it in conjunction
with my Magic Yellow Flyer? I tried it and was surprised at how well it worked!
How do you like that? And you never pay a commission to this “salesman”.
When customers call, they usually all have universal questions. How good are
you? How expensive are you? Why are you different, yada yada.
You may, or may not have heard of this yet but either way, it’s a powerful way to
free up a lot of time from tire kickers and focus on potential customers who are in
the market right now for your service. That’s a pretty hot lead I would say…
So when you become a client of mine, I will tell you all about it and exactly what
to do and what web-site to go to in order to make this happen.

Free Strategy #5 (unlimited value)

Stay In Touch With Every Customer You’ll Ever Have For About
.03 Cents Per Month, Per Person. Save A Fortune On Postage And Paper!
Watch Your Income And Referral’s Soar Out Of Control Using This Particular
And It’s My Personal Favorite Strategy!

I first heard about this from a successful online marketer.
She uses this system to stay in touch with her prospects and gets a phenomenal
amount of new business with it; and when I saw the web-site, a 150 watt-light bulb
went off in my mind! We all know referrals and repeat business is the life blood
and cash cow of any business.

So let’s say a small business owner has 300 clients.

In order to stay in the mind of your customer and become part of their household
and family, you’ve got to contact them at least once per month; but that’s alot of
money to spend every month on a greeting card or newsletter and postage.
Let’s do the math for this one:
300 customers X a greeting card or newsletter and postage is around $1.25 per
person X 12 months per year = $4500.00 dollars per year! Very expensive gig.

But; if you do it with this new system instead, it would be 300 customers X .03
cents per customer X 12 months per year = only $108.00 dollars per year!!
WOW…BIG BIG DIFFERENCE isn’t it? And you accomplish the same thing.

It’s all about getting and staying in the mind of your customer and innocently
asking for more business…it’s all about the snowball effect and accumulating
hundreds of new, cash paying customers…and this is how you do it!
When you become my client, I’ll give you the web-address and all the instructions
will be included. Do not ignore this one, it’s a real winner.

Free Bonus Xtra(valued at $297.95 - previously sold as separate product)

15 Hot Modern Day Service Businesses You Can Start Now With Very Little
Money And Can Be Run Strictly From Your Home.

Don’t have a service business yet? Don’t know what kind of business to get
involved in today? Are you looking to change businesses? Is a family member
looking to make some cash on the side?
Don’t be frightened…there are no goblins waiting to jump out and grab you if you
dare start a small service business; seriously, it’s supposed to be fun!
I’ve got you covered and am here to help you out.

My business partner and I, consulted with a small group of successful business
owners and some private resources and we all put together a complete
“how to guide” on 15 in demand home based service businesses you can start
now for very little money; some under $200.00 dollars!

We picked these guys brains for months and asked every possible question under
the sun! Virtually all the “how to” information from A-Z is included. You’ll be
able to start and launch any one of these businesses with the least amount of
headaches. And yes, all the little tips, tricks and trade secrets are in the program
so you can hit the ground running and capture solid cash flow within 1 week. You
will not find this kind of complete business start-up info on any online articles.
Those articles are designed to just spark your appetite and then you have to pay
big money to learn the entire course. My info and training is complete, with
nothing else to buy!

The 15 businesses, traditionally, can generate a full time income of up
to $450,000 per year and can be run by just 1 person. Part timers will make less, but
hey; someone has to service these people’s needs and they are willing to pay big
bucks for these services; why not have them pay you?

Even Robert Kiyosaki, creator of Rich Dad/Poor Dad has stated:
get involved in any type business just to take advantage of the tax write offs.

It would take too much space to go over them all in detail here, but I can tell you
for a fact, they are real “brick n mortar” businesses that are relevant, easy to
start and can be run strictly from home. The Magic Yellow Flyer and Free
Strategies I’m including can help you launch any of these businesses.
Choose the business that gets you the most excited and shoot for the stars!

I‘m Truly Confident The Magic Yellow Flyer Alone And These Simple Strategies
Will Make You Profitable In The Quickest Amount Of Time!

365 Day Money Back Guarantee!

That's how serious and confident I am about the success of
My Magic Yellow Flyer System get my 1-Year, Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee.

Ask yourself; what’s the absolute worst and best case scenario?

Use some of my strategies, copy my flyer, take advantage of every
resource available to you through my Magic Yellow Flyer System and
you will get new customers paying you, for what you do
and make the kind of money you’re worth!

Many of my clients say, you will not find an easier, headache free and
inexpensive way to grow your business with cash paying customers!

If after 12 months of use, you honestly feel, The Magic Yellow Flyer
does not do what I say it will, simply return everything for a NO-HASSLE

Just click “order now” and you’ll have it in your email inbox today!

Yours truly, Rich

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